Thursday, May 31, 2012

The life On An 8th Grader: Advice & What to Expect for The New 8th Grader

8th Grade

   We've all been through 8th grade. In fact, I'm still trying to survive through it. The last year of middle school, no actual school work now, and 5 days left until summer fun shakes our hands.
   But seriously, this grade wasn't a breeze. Much work, gossip, despicable teachers and we spent countless of days dealing with it. And now you 7th graders get to steal a year long taste of 8th grade! Here's what you'll need to look forward to!


  I know you don't like it, no one does. But those 5 math problems and 20 pages of your 7th grade class novel won't kill you like 8th grade work will. 5 short assignments most of them seeming like college level work.  I can't complain though! So many easy assignments come also.  Essays are the worst! We don't have a limit on them but still.. Who really likes essays anyway regardless of the length? Then comes the EOGs: Science, Math and Reading. Don't think that because you use your strategies that it helps. Well it does, but it doesn't seem like it to an 8th grader. And you shouldn't forget your end of year exams. You thought it was over? Don't kid yourself! You're grades are your life line. Don't have good grades and turn in your work on time? You might as well just rip up your homework and projects then kiss your middle school graduation goodbye.


Well in 7th grade, your principle is sorta sweet and innocent to you right? I mean.. your new to the school and you barely know the rules so he should be nice right? NO. In 8th grade, you are basically the ruler and superior grade. There's only two grades in my middle school anyway, so when you get to 8th, he or she we expect the most out of you. It's a softer military school to you in 8th grade. Especially with a principle like mine.


Teachers And Their Pets

I wouldn't get excited about your teachers! When you meet them, they are pretty nice, but some... some are tricky. They'll have high expectations, give tons of homework and treat their 'teachers pets' with the highest respect. Unlike you who will just drown in the waves of homework while the 'pet' is drooling suck-up slobber and acting 'good'. Try not to be a teachers pet though, your classmates will thank you and your physical health will too. Bullies don't like teacher's pets to well.


You thought that they were only in movies. No no no. They're real, and they're in middle school as well in high school. I bet you already knew that though, huh? In 8th grade, you'll fall in the hands of a clique. The jocks, peps, emos, and others. Jerks, smarties, and undercover druggies. You probably already have a small clique in 7th grade, and that's not even comparable to the 8th grade cliques. We're in large numbers. And most of the time, we're all against each other.

Advice: Must Read!

Hey! Don't be scared about 8th grade! You'll make it through as long as you:
  • Wear your uniforms correctly
  • Don't be a teachers pet
  • Don't slack off
  • Get with the right people
  • AND don't get bad grades!

Try to have a good year next year. Don't worry about the scary things, and just focus on the positive. See you in high school. :)

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  1. Great advice, Alicia! I love your take on 8th grade, and how you keep the assumptions of your audience in mind as you write. I'll be sure to pass this along to my students sometime at the start of next year!