Friday, December 9, 2011

Hunger Games Research Project

In my research I focused on how genetic mutations in the real world, and genetic mutations in the Hunger Games relate. So here we go!
In the Hunger Games book there were genetically mutated 'Mutts' also called 'Muttations', which were the actual dead tributes. They made these mutts by mutating their cells and adding the cells of a wolf, morphing their bodies! They can stand on their hind legs like a human, and had the same eye color as the body originally being mutated. Through my research I found, of course, humans cannot be mutated into mutts, and I also found some facts that might catch your eye!
 Genetic mutations can be horrible or completely harmless. What are mutations you ask? Mutations are permanent changes in the sequence that makes a gene. (What is a gene mutation and how do mutations occur? - Genetics Home Reference ) I have found some information that explains further on how these mutations happen in the real world.
 Ultra violet light, nuclear radiation, and certain chemicals can harm cells in the body and cause them to  make new proteins that might function differently in the body, which may cause a mutation. Also DNA bases (Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine, Thymine) copy themselves. If these DNA bases get copied and and mixed with the wrong matching base  it can also cause a mutation in the DNA.
 ("What Causes DNA Mutations?") DNA bases are meant to be in a organized fashion ex: Cytosine and Guanine are a pair. Guanine and Cytosine do not go together with Adenine and Thymine. But Thymine goes with Adenine and not with Guanine, and Cytosine.

There are two different types of mutations. They are inherited mutations, and acquired mutations. ("Types of mutations"). [I will only explain what Acquired mutations are because this is what I believe the capital did to change the tributes into Mutts]. Acquired mutations are mutations that are caused by harmful elements of the Earth. Chemicals and nuclear radiation can give you a mutation such as excess body mass like tumors. It can change your body completely. Your tissues in your body can be changed in size and weight, leaving you with unusual masses of tissue. So stay away from nuclear plants and high amounts of radiation! In the Hunger Games, I believe that the Mutts were given their mutations, because the Capitol injected wolf cells into their bodies.
  I also found a story that I think is ridiculous, but I also think that it connects to the Hunger Games! It is about a girl who was taking care of her plants. She got pricked by a cactus. A couple days later she started growing thorns from her arm! The cactus started mutating her cells in the wound and the doctors couldn't get rid of it. She was basically being mutated into a cactus! (Terrible mutations may turn humans into plants or animals - English All though I have no proof that this can't or can happen, I am very well sure that this is impossible. But don't take my word for it.
So as long as you stay away from harmful elements, and the Capitol doesn't get hold of you, you will be fine. And remember, humans cant be turned into flesh eating, bug eyed mutts or cactus's!

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  1. i like how you added the features of a muttation i love your blog post

  2. i really liked the project and the story about how the girl got pricked by a catcus and stuff that was very crazy. Your project related to the hunger games alot and i really like it it was very interresting

  3. I love it and i learned something new.

  4. Thanks Ariel ! I liked your project too ! It was interesting . Thanks also , Erin and Diana .

  5. I LOVE YOUR PROJECT! lol. It makes alot of since and also have every section based on that subject. (:

  6. I wonder if the Japanese people and plants that were close to the nuclear meltdown last year will suffer any mutations?

    1. Well luckily the military evacuated the site near the power plant quick enough. I do beleive though, that if they had not cleared the area and the surrounding areas, that the humans and plants along with animals could suffer some sicknesses, but mutations I'm not to sure about. Also if people lived close to the power plant they would have definatly suffered from some sort of mutations or serious birth defects. I pray that they are okay though!